A Dothan Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help You and Your Family Recover from a Recent, Scary Crash

As a Dothan truck accident lawyer I know you did not expect to be injured in a truck accident. Whether you sustained injuries when a truck zigzagged out of its lane into yours; or you lost a friend or loved one in a runway truck crash involving a commercial 18-wheeler, the Hogg & Gartlan Law Firm, LLC is standing by to provide much needed help in getting healthcare, insight, compassion, and aggressive legal representation.

Truck accidents can be incredibly complex. There is often more to them than meets the eye. For instance, consider a seemingly “simple” case involving a truck that rear ends a vehicle at a stop light and gives the occupant whiplash, broken bones, and a concussion or an even greater head or brain injury. Depending on what happened, different parties can be liable. For instance:

  • The truck driver can be liable for negligent or even wanton conduct, if he had been drinking or texting prior to the crash; or if he was fatigued because he had gone over his allotted maximum hours;
  • The trucking company can be liable for negligent or even wanton conduct, if the company allowed a dangerous or untrained driver to get behind the wheel; or if it allowed a driver with very little experience operating a commercial truck or 18-wheeler to take the big rig out or
  • If the maintenance crew failed to stow the truck’s cargo effectively or detect a mechanical issue with the truck's braking system;
  • Insurance companies can be responsible to pay.

Dothan Truck Accident Lawyer Building A Case, the Right Way

Diverse elements can contribute to a truck wreck in Alabama, including bad visibility, inclement weather, poor road design or maintenance, debris in the road, unsafe driving practices, bad truck maintenance, fatigued drivers, speeding or DUI drivers, and truckers that fail to comply with FMCSA regulations.

A Hogg & Gartlan Law Firm, LLC, Dothan truck accident lawyer has tremendous amounts of experience fighting and winning truck accident cases. We would be happy to provide a confidential and thorough evaluation of your case. Call us at (334) 699-4625 now, and get the insight you need to make informed, effective choices.

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