A Dothan Car Accident Lawyer with Hogg & Gartlan Law Firm, LLC Can Fight Vigorously for Your Rights
and Protect Your Options

A Dothan car accident lawyer at our firm will help you whether a DUI driver slammed into you at an intersection in downtown, Dothan, or a runaway truck plowed you off the freeway, you need the right lawyer to explain your rights and provide a no-pressure, detailed evaluation of your options.

Being a car accident victim in the age of the internet can be a peculiarly complex, stressful experience. You face many emergency medical issues and a storm of logistics and chores related to accident (e.g. figuring out how to get care for the kids, if you need to stay in the hospital). You'd love insight from a respected attorney. But finding one is easier said than done. The web, radio and TV is awash with advertisements for injury attorneys, so sorting signal from noise is a challenge.

What’s more, you may need to act swiftly to investigate the crash and, possibly, to file a lawsuit to preserve your best options for collecting compensation and protecting evidence.

How Dothan Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You
Build a Powerful Case

If an experienced lawyer thinks that you have a good case, he or she may be willing to invest the firm’s resources into working to get you compensated. The attorney may partner with other professionals, like forensic experts, accident reconstruction engineers, and road safety experts, to get to the bottom of your crash – that is, to find out what really happened.

This spadework by a Dothan car accident lawyer is critical. Odds are, you will never need to go to litigation to get a fair result, but when you prepare aggressively, insurance companies take you more seriously. The spadework is also important, since it can help you identify the right liable parties. You want to target the right people (or companies) not only because doing so is ethical but also because it increases your chances of getting a welcome outcome and addressing unsafe conditions.

For instance, an investigation started by a Dothan car accident lawyer may show that your car’s tires or brakes were defective. If that’s the case, the company that made, installed, or serviced those brakes could be liable. On the other hand, the investigation could show that the driver who hit you had been chatting on his cell phone before the crash, in which case the driver will be an obvious target for liability.

Connect With an Ethical, Experienced Dothan Car Accident Lawyer

Recovering from a car wreck is not easy, emotionally, physically, or mentally. But a Dothan car accident lawyer with the Hogg & Gartlan Law Firm, LLC can help make that journey a little more sure-footed and give you the clarity you need to make better decisions. Call us now at (334) 699-4625 to set up a free, zero-obligation case evaluation with us.

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