Dothan Alabama Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers Settle Car Wreck Case Resulting in Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and Concussion.

January 15, 2014 by

Dothan Alabama Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers, David Hogg and Aaron Gartlan of The Hogg & Gartlan Law Firm, recently settled an automobile wreck claim on behalf of a good, honest, Alabama man for the injuries with ALFA, which is the insurance company of the other driver that caused the rear-end car crash due to negligent or wanton conduct resulting in bodily injury, pain suffering and mental anguish to the Alabama man.

The Alabama man received treatment for headaches, back, neck and shoulder pain, a concussion and post traumatic stress syndrome. Most people realize that headaches, back and neck pain, as well as broken bones and other injuries stem from the aftermath an automobile collision. However, head injuries and post traumatic stress syndrome are also prevalent. These conditions can greatly impact mental health and quality of life, but they are treatable. Therefore, it is a crucial to seek treatment for all medical issues.

The Hogg & Gartlan Law Firm works hard to achieve results like this and takes pride in offering support and guidance to families after and a personal injury or accident.

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