Dothan Alabama Attorney Settles ID Theft Claim With Insurance Company

April 10, 2012 by

Dothan Alabama attorney Aaron Gartlan of the Hogg & Gartlan Law Firm, settled a claim on behalf of a hardworking Dothan Alabama woman that was a victim of identity theft when her personal information was obtained and used by an employee of an independent cleaning service at a national insurance company.

Aaron gathered the necessary records to demonstrate that the woman had expended time and money and suffered mental anguish, because of her personal information being compromised.  There were several accounts opened with her personal information and purchases were made on her accounts.  Additionally, there were attempts made to open accounts, in which credit was declined.  The facts appeared to rise to the level of wanton hiring and/or wanton supervision.  The woman was denied credit for an automobile loan because of this occurrence.

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