Alabama Workplace Accident Attorneys
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Our Alabama workplace accident attorneys can help if you got seriously hurt – or if you lost a loved one – on the job. Whether you broke your leg after stepping through on an unmarked divot at a construction site; burned your eyes and face because of exposure to volatile organic compounds; or got electrocuted in a welding accident, you may be under the (mistaken) belief that workers’ compensation is your only option.

The truth is, you also might be able to collect additional compensation from an Alabama workplace accident – above and beyond what you can get through Alabama workers’ compensation – to pay for medical bills, surgeries, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and other damages.

To make a civil suit, however, your case must pass some pretty high standards. The workers' compensation system was created over a century ago as a kind of “grand bargain” between employees and employers. Typically, the employee surrenders the right to sue the employer for the injury in exchange for an easier, more streamlined benefits collection process.

But sometimes that “grand bargain” is no bargain at all.

How Alabama Workplace Accident Attorneys Can Fight for You

In some cases, injured workers (or families of workers who have been killed) can file a personal injury and wrongful death lawsuit (complete with a jury trial) to seek money to pay for long-term medical bills and care, pain and suffering, punitive damages, and beyond. You can make this third-party claim without sacrificing your right to Alabama workers’ compensation.

Industrial injury cases often arise in complex types of accidents, such as construction site cases, where multiple contractors and subcontractors could have contributed to the disaster, as well as cases involving permanently injury or death.

The targets of such claims may not be limited to your employer or your direct report. They can include: the manufacturers of defective products or machinery; subcontractors and vendors; landlords or owners of the property where you got hurt; and any insurance companies who represent liable parties.

Getting to the Bottom of Your Alabama Workplace Accident

Important evidence from your accident may have a short “shelf life.” If you don’t act to take pictures of the scene, gather testimonials from witnesses, and compel potentially liable parties to turn over critical paperwork, you may miss out on opportunities to advocate for yourself from a position of strength.

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